A STEPIPHANY: Maybe. Well I think we’re getting closer.


s i n k 

i n t o   t h e

s i l e n c e

As you may know, yesterday I spent over 24 hours confined within the walls of my villa as part of the traditional Balinese New Year Celebration, Nyepi Day. To save me trying to explain it, please take 30 seconds to read this: Nyepi Day, for fear that none of the rest of this will make any sense without its context.

Now I’m not writing about Nyepi Day itself, or trying to establish a connection between myself and the meaning it has to the Balinese people. It’s not my holiday to celebrate. What it did do for me however, was force the day of self reflection and personal growth I had hoped for, but didn’t expect to happen. It turned out to be far more meaningful than I had envisioned. 

At first my biggest concerns were that of intense boredom, restless legs and also snacks.

Mostly snacks.

STEPH OUT OF THE CITY – 1 week SOLO (mostly) 1 week SOBER (like 98%)


e a t

p r a y 

l o v e

(only one of the above)


As most of you know, I’ve embarked on this three week holiday. A journey of self-discovery if you will. Well, I’m trying. I had planned this big post-Fringe detox, to have all these epiphanies and mostly work out what the hell I’m doing with my life. You know, no pressure or anything. 

So now I’m a week in and what have I learned so far?


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c e l l a r

m e e t s

s t r e e t  


So you thought ‘Mad March’ was over? Maybe you’re feeling those heavy post-festival season blues? Have you heard people making silly remarks about nothing happening in Adelaide for another year?  

Fear not my friends! East End Wine Down is back. After last years sell-out event, this Saturday, East End Cellars will once again be turning Vardon Avenue in the city into a wine tasting wonderland. 



b e a t s 

a n d 

r o o t s 


With the disclaimer that I am not at all a stalker but merely an enthusiastic fangirl, I sometimes feel like in a way I’ve been lucky enough to ride along for the journey of the extraordinary talented men that are Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum



a l l   a b o u t

t h o s e   b e a r d s  

The first thing I heard about this show? The beards. Strong men with full beards and tiny pants. The lumberjack-hipster loving creep in me was already pretty much sold on this element of the show alone.

Although said beards are a terribly pleasing attribute of Barbu, and as Google Translator taught me – also it’s namesake, I will confirm there’s far more to it. 


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‘t i s 

t h e 

s e a s o n 

And so it begins.

Another year, another festival season. Can’t you just feel it in the air?

It all started a few months ago…we saw those pink posters pasted upon the walls, the guide began to hit the doorsteps of our favourite city establishments, the box office took up residence in Rundle Mall and most exciting of all, the fence was erected around the fairylit wonderland which is the Garden of Unearthly Delights

It’s Fringe time baby. Strap yourself in.

Say goodbye to your liver, drain your bank account and dust off your dancing shoes.

Let’s get weird.



g e t 

s w i z z l e d 


Hi, my name is Steph and I’m a festivalholic. Sure, it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, but it’s definitely a thing. After each festival season comes to a close in Adelaide I delve into a deep state of melancholy. I’m going to miss the bright stage lights, the excitement of the unknown and the constant, crippling fear of audience participation. 

Do I really have to wait another entire year to experience it all again?

Not this year.

Club Swizzle has come to town. 

LOW & SLOW – The Restaurant

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p u l l e d  p o r k 

i n  t h e 

p o r t

Okay, so I’ve been super slack with my writing of late so you don’t have to scroll too far back on my blog to find an article I wrote about my good friends Angus & Angus and their food truck, Low & Slow American BBQ.

Sure… I might be slightly biased here, but the boys get are getting a second feature.

It was mere months ago that we started hearing whispers of the van having a hiatus from the streets and the dream of a bricks and mortar establishment coming to fruition, and as of a week ago, it happened. 

Low & Slow res sign

And what a week it’s been! From day one, the Port Adelaide based BBQ restaurant has received an overwhelming response. Selling out every night to the point of having to close on Sunday in order to restock, re-smoke and recover. 


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l e t ‘ s

g e t 

f r o c k e d 

u p

image1 (1)

A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call from a particularly charming Englishman I know. He spoke quickly and fabulously and told me about an event coming up at Penny’s Hill Winery for the Melbourne Cup. 

I heard the words ‘champagne’, ‘canapes’ ‘wine’, ‘three courses’, ‘Africola‘, ‘fashion’ and ‘horses’. ACTUAL REAL LIFE HORSES. 

My face was essentially doing that little ‘oh my god’, hands on cheeks, Home Alone emoji. 

(Will they let me pat the ponies?)