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Okay, so I’ve been super slack with my writing of late so you don’t have to scroll too far back on my blog to find an article I wrote about my good friends Angus & Angus and their food truck, Low & Slow American BBQ.

Sure… I might be slightly biased here, but the boys get are getting a second feature.

It was mere months ago that we started hearing whispers of the van having a hiatus from the streets and the dream of a bricks and mortar establishment coming to fruition, and as of a week ago, it happened. 

Low & Slow res sign

And what a week it’s been! From day one, the Port Adelaide based BBQ restaurant has received an overwhelming response. Selling out every night to the point of having to close on Sunday in order to restock, re-smoke and recover. 

The ever-evolving team at Renew Adelaide have had a big hand in making this project happen, helping the boys to set up shop in an awesome free-standing building located at 17 Commercial Road, Port Adelaide, just 20 minutes from the city and totally worth the trek.

The building, which in a past life was a hardware store and more recently a Harley Davidson cafe, now dons a decor drawing inspiration from a BBQ restaurants in the United States. I’ll paint you a picture…beautiful, purpose built timber tables teamed with those plastic chairs you’ll remember from primary school. A huge concrete topped bar, kitschy-cute Americana knick-knacks, and a chalk board wall featuring some hilarious hand-drawn pictures which accurately reflect the personality of the team behind Low & Slow.

low & slow chalk 2 low & slow original building low & slow chalk 1

If you’re a regular customer of the van, you’ll recognise a few of the faces working behind the scenes, including the lovable long haired lad, Jim – a welcome and official third member of the Low & Slow empire. 

low & slow boys

The restaurant is light, bright, loud and fun. Service is kept simple, your food arriving on waxed paper and cafeteria trays. When you’re eating ribs and sandwiches, things are bound to get messy. Reserve judgement, stock your serviettes and let your table manners take a break, you’re elbows on the table are in a safe space here. 

So I’m saving the best ’til last…the menu

Low & Slow outside low & slow tray low & slow menu

One of the most exciting things about Low & Slow evolving into a stationary space with a commercial kitchen, is the ability to expand their menu. While the ol’ favourites are still featured, we now see the addition of a bunch of tasty new sides to compliment the meat options. I’ll take one of each please, you can roll me back to the city. NBD. 

The booze choices are solid. Wines by local favourite Delinquente Wine Co. and beers on offer with a range from West End to Young Henry’s

low & slow fridge low & slow shakespeare

While pulled pork and brisket have crept onto the menus of places from Subway to ‘super-pubs’, these guys are legit, they know their stuff and they’re doing it best.

I get the warm and fuzzies looking at a success story such as this one, especially in an environment when the topic of food trucks in the city is being so hotly debated. You can probably guess where I stand on the matter. 

If you enjoy amazing food, good times and supporting emerging and local business owners doing what they love. Get yourself to the Port. Stat. 

Low & Slow American BBQ is open Wednesday through Sunday for dinner, and lunch Friday and Sunday. 

Website Here

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