a l l   a b o u t

t h o s e   b e a r d s  

The first thing I heard about this show? The beards. Strong men with full beards and tiny pants. The lumberjack-hipster loving creep in me was already pretty much sold on this element of the show alone.

Although said beards are a terribly pleasing attribute of Barbu, and as Google Translator taught me – also it’s namesake, I will confirm there’s far more to it. 


photo from Adelaide Fringe

Hailing from Montreal, Cirque Alfonse bring a troupe of weird and wonderful circus performers to the big top of The Panama Club at Royal Croquet Club, giving the audience a taste of the circus days of old combined with a eccentric and comical modern twist. 

I must admit I was pretty ignorant to the music genre of ‘electro-trad’ prior to Barbu, but you know what? I’m into it. DJ in a top hat, female drummer bringing some seriously bad-ass Viking vibes, and a vocalist/guitarist who may as well have had a baguette in his back pocket. So Frenchy, so chic.

Now I don’t want to give too much away, mystery and surprise is where the magic of the circus resides, but I will give you some hints…

You’ll see an aerial hoop, roller-skates, a bed of nails, some pretty weird videos and a touch of full frontal nudity. 

Barbu is on Tuesday through Sunday. Tickets available here







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