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‘t i s 

t h e 

s e a s o n 

And so it begins.

Another year, another festival season. Can’t you just feel it in the air?

It all started a few months ago…we saw those pink posters pasted upon the walls, the guide began to hit the doorsteps of our favourite city establishments, the box office took up residence in Rundle Mall and most exciting of all, the fence was erected around the fairylit wonderland which is the Garden of Unearthly Delights

It’s Fringe time baby. Strap yourself in.

Say goodbye to your liver, drain your bank account and dust off your dancing shoes.

Let’s get weird.

For me it all starts when I first get my hands on that glossy program, bigger and better by the year. I like to think of it as an adult version of the Royal Adelaide showbag guide. Same deal, different publication. I lay on the floor and circle my favourites, I mentally spend way over my allocated budget and have a mild anxiety attack at the realisation that I won’t be sleeping for a month.

Remind me why I didn’t book some annual leave?


I’ve heard many times over that this is the only time of year that anything ever happens in Adelaide, but if you look back to my very first post, my sentiments remain the same and I respectfully disagree.

What I will say however; is that festival season in Adelaide truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

Sure, swap out the Christmas references for dancing in the Fringe Club with no shoes on and eating four dinners in one night in the Garden of Unearthly Delights. But basically, same same.


Photo courtesy of The Garden of Unearthly Delights

So although I try to identify myself as one of Adelaide’s most vocal ambassadors all year round, there is something pretty magical about February/March that really does solidify that statement we read absent mindedly on our number plates every day. South Australia. The Festival State.

For the next month and a bit, our little city will be descended upon by artists and creatives, first time tourists and regular visitors.

Remind me why I didn’t put my place on Air BnB?

It’s that time of year that Adelaide humbly proves to the world, that you know what? It’s pretty fucking good here.

The calibre of buskers increases, the quality of people watching is off the charts and we all develop a taste for the unusual.

So what kind of Fringe-goer are you? Do you strategically plan your festival journey or ride the wave of spontaneity? Although I do try and ensure I get along to the shows I have been hanging to see, I’m generally the latter.

Sometimes there’s nothing better than heading along to something completely random in which you have NO idea what you’re in for.

Sure, it can go either way. You could end up bearing witness to some unknown brilliance you spend the next two weeks telling everyone to go and see; OR you could sit through the most uncomfortable hour of your life. I swear to God, bad comedy minutes are longer than microwave minutes and treadmill minutes combined. *shudders*

As someone who spends a vast majority of my life loitering in the east end (whether it be due to my employment responsibilities or just being a boozy social pest) I welcome with open arms the massive increase in foot traffic and extra visitors to that side of town. I look forward to the weird and wonderful; and that elevated chance I might just sell a super-cute printed dress to someone semi-famous with a charming accent I wish I had. #showusyourgorman

Remind me why I’m not yet dating a Scottish comedian/sexy acrobat/globe trotting food vendor?

What I love most about the Fringe Festival is that it makes art accessible. You don’t need to be wealthy, you don’t need to be in the scene or even in the know.

Roll up to the box office and take your pick. There are so many shows on offer for free, for kids and families and to suit everyone’s cup of tea.

Now I’m not going to delve into recommendations for any particular shows just yet. There’s plenty of that to come, so stay tuned. What I will do though is make mention of a few new and exciting things happening this year.

Royal Croquet Club is bigger and better again for 2016.

In the wise words of R. Kelly himself, “after the show, it’s the after party, and after the party, it’s the hotel lobby”. Or in our case, it’s a show in Victoria Square, followed by dancing at Fat Controller, followed by a dirty yiros or Whopper Junior Stunner meal on Hindley Street. Shotgun your Drumstick.

Gluttony is growing.

The Garden also has a new bar, Club Lebowski. IT HAS BOWLING YOU GUYS!


My aforementioned and beloved east end has also been graced with the arrival of some new and more than welcome bricks and mortar watering holes. May I introduce Mr Goodbar, Nola and a newly renovated Stag if that’s your jam. I see teasers of BRKLYN on Rundle Street hitting the social medias.

Although we may get excited about the fresh paint and flawless fit-outs, don’t forget to support your staples, Fringe venues are scattered all over town.

Parking can be difficult, so choose your treadly, experience an EcoCaddy or jump in an Uber if you’re feeling particularly baller.

There’s a big month ahead so for now I sign off. I’ll be annoyingly active across all of my social media platforms, so either you’re welcome, or I’m terribly sorry – depending on how much you choose to enjoy my extreme enthusiasm.

Adelaide Fringe kicks off Friday the 12th of February through until March 14th.

I’ll meet you at the bar. I’ll see you on the dancefloor. Happy festival season to all.


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