A STEPIPHANY: Maybe. Well I think we’re getting closer.


s i n k 

i n t o   t h e

s i l e n c e

As you may know, yesterday I spent over 24 hours confined within the walls of my villa as part of the traditional Balinese New Year Celebration, Nyepi Day. To save me trying to explain it, please take 30 seconds to read this: Nyepi Day, for fear that none of the rest of this will make any sense without its context.

Now I’m not writing about Nyepi Day itself, or trying to establish a connection between myself and the meaning it has to the Balinese people. It’s not my holiday to celebrate. What it did do for me however, was force the day of self reflection and personal growth I had hoped for, but didn’t expect to happen. It turned out to be far more meaningful than I had envisioned. 

At first my biggest concerns were that of intense boredom, restless legs and also snacks.

Mostly snacks.

STEPH OUT OF THE CITY – 1 week SOLO (mostly) 1 week SOBER (like 98%)


e a t

p r a y 

l o v e

(only one of the above)


As most of you know, I’ve embarked on this three week holiday. A journey of self-discovery if you will. Well, I’m trying. I had planned this big post-Fringe detox, to have all these epiphanies and mostly work out what the hell I’m doing with my life. You know, no pressure or anything. 

So now I’m a week in and what have I learned so far?