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A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call from a particularly charming Englishman I know. He spoke quickly and fabulously and told me about an event coming up at Penny’s Hill Winery for the Melbourne Cup. 

I heard the words ‘champagne’, ‘canapes’ ‘wine’, ‘three courses’, ‘Africola‘, ‘fashion’ and ‘horses’. ACTUAL REAL LIFE HORSES. 

My face was essentially doing that little ‘oh my god’, hands on cheeks, Home Alone emoji. 

(Will they let me pat the ponies?)

Before I could even process it all. I was on board and attending, already planning which frock to wear and what the hell I could wear on my noggin.

(I have one hair style…one.)

Once I calmed down from initial excitement, I took the time to actually take in exactly what this glorious event entails.

On Tuesday the 3rd of November from 11am – 5pm, Penny’s Hill will be hosting a Melbourne Cup extravaganza.

melbourne cup

It will all kick off with French Champagne, canapes and live music on arrival. Have a mingle in the marquee and perhaps cast a vote for best hat. 

Upon sitting down for lunch, you will be delighted by Duncan and his team from Africola to a three course meal accompanied by a four hour wine package from The Black Chook

Throughout the afternoon, entertainment will be provided by hosts Jodie and Soda from Mix 102.3 and well as a brilliant abundance of fashion and equestrian based activities. 

The race itself, will be shown on the big screen with sweepstakes proceeds going to local charity ‘Youth Opportunities’ in Willunga.  Additionally to this there will also be horse-riding and showjumping displays from Olympic hopeful Cooper Oborn

There will be fashion parades and best dressed competitions for the most fabulous females and dapper of dudes, inclusive of judging by yours truly and some of Adelaide most fanciful personalities.

(Extra points if you’re wearing Gorman…kidding…kind of…)

Melbourne Cup 2

Celebrate spring, dress your best, have a punt, a cheeky mid-week long, boozy lunch and get along to what is sure to be the most indulgent Melbourne Cup event in town.

Tickets for the all inclusive package are only $120, or $140 with transport to and from the city. 



  1. Hey Steph

    Very much enjoy your writing. Am coming Adelaide way in December for a weekend. Apart from Saturday night, am completely free from Friday midday to Monday midday, and would love any suggestions on ‘must dos’. I’ve already read through your posts and have been in contact with Fruitful Pursuit, and the Market Shed is also on my list. Any other tips would be great. Would be looking for places to eat on Friday and Sunday nights, eat and drink on Saturday and Sunday lunches, and places to drink/head out on Friday night.

    Realise you’re not a Lonely Plant or Trip Advisor, but any recommendations would be really appreciated!



    1. Hi Yogi!

      Thanks so much for contacting me. Sorry for the delayed response. Which weekend will you be here?

      Okay… my suggestions for a great weekend would be…

      Start with coffee and head to the East End. Wander down Ebenezer Place and Vardon Ave and check out either SAD Cafe or Exchange Specialty Coffee. While you’re down there, duck your head into East End Cellars, Mothervine and NOLA, they may be spots you could revisit later in the afternoon or weekend (Sunday night would be my suggestion).

      Dinner? Make a booking and do either Golden Boy, Africola or Peel Street. All are closed on Sunday night so try and book in for both Friday and Saturday nights. It’s hard to walk in to any of them.

      For evening drinks on a Friday I would head West. The West End is buzzing with new and cool bars, as well as some of our established favourites. Start with Clever Little Tailor on Peel Street, you could pop downstairs to Maybe Mae before walking through to Leigh Street. Go say hi to my favourites at Udaberri and then check out our newest small bar, Pink Moon Saloon. All of these spots are within a minute walk from each other, however if you head out of the hub only slightly, you can check out Hains & Co., Proof or La Buvette Drinkery really close by.

      Saturday morning you MUST check out The Adelaide Central Market. My favourite place in Adelaide. My suggestion for breakfast is Comida Catering Co. but Big Table and Lucia’s are also solid options. Have a wander and buy some beautiful produce, maybe have a picnic in the Botanic Gardens?

      For lunch I would try out press* food & wine on Waymouth Street. It’s the only of my favourite restaurants that’ open for lunch.
      I don’t generally go out too much on a Saturday night these days so it depends what your style is if you want more club type places or happy with bar vibes.

      After Market Shed on Sunday morning I would do a daytrip down to McLarenvale and Willunga. Do a tasting at Hither & Yon and grab a wood oven pizza while you do it. Plenty of other amazing wine tasting to do in the area, but this is my fave.

      Sunday nights can be quiet in Adelaide so I would keep it simple and head to Chinatown. Ying Chow, East Taste, or Little NNQ are all great. Ying Chow is an Adelaide institution! Shallot pancakes are a must.

      If you have a bit of time on Monday morning I would check out Paddy’s Lantern or My Kingdom for a Horse for coffee and breakfast, both the south-west corner of the city.

      Phew. I hope this helps! I’m biased towards all my favourites here, so hope you like them too!

      Keep me in the loop and let me know how you go!

      Steph 🙂


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