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You’ve just knocked off work or you’re just finishing up dinner, what’s next? When you’re looking for a night out in Adelaide, the conversation of east end versus west end will inevitably pop up at some point. Do you stay one end of town? Or migrate to the other.

There are always a few variables to consider. What’s still open? Who else is where? Are you wanting to eat? Will there be a line up? And, for the ladies; how high are your heels? If the decision is made to swap sides, next step is how to get there. $9 cab ride that generally comes with grumpy or disappointed acceptance from the taxi driver regarding the minimal fare, or the trundle down Rundle Mall. 

Walking wins, because now there is an excellent excuse to take a pit stop half way, or go no further for the night. Lindes Lane is a fantastic new bar located tucked away, halfway down Rundle Mall.

Lindes Lane - outdoor seating Lindes Lane - outdoor wall Lindes Lane - top o bar Lindes Lane - Fire

Getting involved in an exciting trend of activating Adelaide’s laneways and side streets, Lindes Lane comes as another new development. What used to be (according to the-man-with-the-design-plan Jason Jurecky – ‘a piss spot’ when walking drunkenly down the mall or where retailers took their smoko break during the day, Lindes Lane now sports an generous outdoor seating area to accompany the sexy indoor bar.

Now before I go further. I must stress one thing. Not only does Lindes Lane offer a new night time spot, they also open at 8am for food and satisfying your caffeine cravings, and when you’ve got Bar 9’s Ian Callahan involved – you know you’re getting a coffee of exceptional quality.

What the lads are trying to do with Lindes Lane (Lindz? Lindeez? Lindez?) is create a space that caters to all. It’s not JUST a wine bar, a cocktail bar or a cafe. It’s all of the above rolled into one. What you get is a vibe of slick, but not pretentious.

Lindes Lane - Wine Wall Lindes Lane - Raw Wall Lindes Lane 0 Jason Speech Lindes Lane - Bathroom

There is also a secondary space in development within the bar (shh, it’s a secret where it is). A space which will be available as a private function area, or to host events such as vintage releases.

Let’s get down to the eats and drinks. There is a sensational South Australian wine list put together by Wes Gilson (of ex-Cork Wine Cafe fame) accompanied by local craft beer, cider and cocktails and a delightful menu designed by James McRae, delivering creative dishes such as Asian sashimi tuna nachos or a simple and delicious wild mushroom pizza.

Lindes Lane - canapes Lindes Lane - Wine on bar Lindes Lane - smoked salmon Lindes Lane - Booze Bucket

Lindes Lane look to support local and live music for your entertainment needs and are even hosting Crackle & Pop Records for Record Store Day this Saturday the 18th of April.

There are so many new places opening up in Adelaide these days that it sometimes makes my head spin and my bank account hurt, but Lindes Lane is another new establishment, a happy medium of east meets west, and I welcome it with open arms.

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