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If you’re sick of the bar or night club scene, but are still looking to meet people – here’s a new option. Dot is a new initiative looking to break the mould of social interaction amongst the loud music, busy bars and the same faces week after week.

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Hosted by The Bowery Kitchen & Grocer on Gilles Street, Dot is bringing people together in an environment outside the norm. In order to do this, founder Nate Overbeeke has created a space where people of all ages and interests can come along to play party games, make new friends and enrich their social lives without the craziness of your average Friday night.

$12 gets you entry, a name tag and access to games such as Scrabble, Uno Attack, Connect Four, Cards Against Humanity and the crowd favourite, giant Jenga. This one you need a hard hat for (safety never sleeps).

Dot Connect - Scrabble Dot Connect - Uno Attack

Friday nights at Bowery are the beginning and everyone is welcome, however depending on popularity, Dot is hoping to become a larger social enterprise including weekly nights for singles hoping to offer an alternative to pubs and clubs, or online dating.

Location is important and though currently running in the one spot, further options are in the pipelines. There are many popular cafes who are open only during the day, but are perfect venues for events such as this.

Aside from the games, you can also indulge in drinks and food. Beer, wine and cocktails are on offer and are made to match with cheeseboards, sushi and light meals to share.

Dot Connect - cards against humanity Dot Connect - Wine

If you’re looking to put yourself outside your comfort zone and meet new people this a new option to kick off your weekend. 

Friday nights from 7:30pm, The Bowery Kitchen and Grocer. 19 Gilles Street, Adelaide.

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