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Caffe Paparazzi is much more than a traditional Italian cafe. Yes, by all means you can still get your pizza, pasta and salt & pepper squid, but what sets Paparazzi apart from the rest is the recent launch of their new clean eating menu. 

Designed by Osteopath Dr Andrea Robertson, this menu offers creative and nutritional options for those with dietary requirements or who just prefer to eat in a way which is healthy, yet not mundane. Along with practice runs and taste testing by Paparazzi’s Mirella and her chefs, Andrea has created and refined a menu which has proven to be functional and popular within a bustling cafe environment. 

Pappa - front

Clean eating has become more than just a trend, it’s now a lifestyle for many and a necessary way of eating for those suffering food intolerances such as gluten or dairy. It’s more than just an Instagram hashtag on any photo involving kale.

What I love about this menu is the social aspect of it all, it means that groups of people with different nutritional needs and wants can dine together without those awkward situations of having to sift through a menu to find a gluten free or vegan option, or on the flipside; feeling like they’re eating rabbit food.

Pappa - Barramundi Pappa - Burger Pappa - Curry

I can relate to this directly. With my immediate family, it means we now have an option of an Italian cafe where Dad can still have his salami and olive pizza but Mum has a healthy option outside your standard grilled chicken salad most places have.

The menu offers items which are straight-up health such as clean and green smoothies and a variety of salads, or tasty twists on time honoured favourites like Spaghetti Bolognese with Zucchini Pasta or the No Bun Beef Burger.

All of the options within the clean eating menu are 100% preservative and gluten free and involve no cows dairy. Many use sugar alternatives of honey, maple syrup and dried fruit. The desserts are REALLY good and definitely the highlight for me, and as skeptical as I was about a no sugar or dairy cheesecake, I was more than pleasantly surprised.

Pappa - Cheesecake Pappa - Desserts Pappa - Banoffi

Cafe Paparazzi is family friendly establishment with something to offer everyone. It’s somewhere you can continue your clean eating lifestyle change, or just have a cheeky dabble in the movement without having to ‘quit sugar’ or switch out everything in your pantry.

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