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t h e   m a r k e t   s h e d

o n   h o l l a n d


Since it’s inception in November last year, The Market Shed on Holland has exploded in popularity week after week. It’s a place of absolute beauty in so many ways: the set up, the food and the people. I’m not the first person to write about this not-so-little gem, and I certainly won’t be the last. Brain-child of the same lovely family who own and operate the Gilbert Street IGA supermarket, The Market Shed is a place to see and be seen.

It’s a culinary wonderland of certified organic, ethical, local and sustainable food and produce. I’ve spent close to every Sunday morning of this year there drinking coffee, eating and people watching. A common phrase in my vernacular is “Market Shed Sunday?”

IMGP3665 IMGP3674 IMGP3671 IMGP3654

Tucked away in an undercover carpark and with a recently expanded outdoors area behind Gilbert Street, The Market Shed is a food lovers paradise. Every Sunday I deal with the same internal struggle of what to eat. Depending on time of arrival (and level of seediness), I do the lap. I know all the stalls, I know all the menus; but for a girl who suffers from a life of crippling indecision, I find it hard to make my choice each week.

First stop is always coffee. Get your order in early ‘coz it may take a little while, but that’s ok, plenty to see and do while you wait. Next you play a round of ‘polite eye contact’; this involves having a wander, spying a table whose patrons look like they’re at the end of their Market Shed experience and lock it down (it’s always busy so muster your best eye contact game), lock eyes and do that sweet smile that ensures you’ve made a gestural agreement that the table is yours next. Done.

Now for the food… by now you’ve scoped the options, you’ve made a short list and you’re ready to take the plunge. One person holds the table while the rest of you take turns in grabbing your food. You then eat, compare and have a cheeky taste of everyone else’s choice. With a family ranging from 35-50 vendors, there are too many options, so make sure you go with crew who are happy to share.

IMGP3637 IMGP3614 IMGP3601 IMGP3569

Ok so somehow two and a half hours have passed without realising so it’s probably time to head off, but not without grabbing some stuff to take home. A loaf of freshly baked sour dough, some organic fruit and veg, a bunch of beautifully arranged flowers or maybe fill your quinoa quota for the week.

Market Shed main-man Jono Kaitatzis recently advised they’re hoping to expand from their weekly Sunday 9-3pm time slot into special one-off Saturday markets with “a focus on organic, sustainable, local and ethical produce, but with the spin of something and new and different”.

The Market Shed is somewhere I would consider my ‘Sunday happy place’ and I encourage you to head on down and make it yours.

 IMGP3641 IMGP3593 IMGP3625 IMGP3578

t o p  5

The Coffee Pedlar + Olive & Edith collab – Cheeky coffee and a bagel with bacon, smashed avo and feta for under a tenner? Can’t go wrong.

Bona Food – Raw peanut butter cookie dough slice – need I say more?

Bull Creek Bakery – Venison Pie. Tasty, hearty and delicious.

Ma & Me Frijoles – Sweet or savoury, these ricotta based balls are an absolute delight and made with love.

Veggie Velo – Haloumi and pineapple from our favourite bicycle burger baron.


e s s e n t i a l s

The crew – Bring your friends, your family, your kids and your dog: everyone is welcome.

A hessian bag – Make sure you have something to carry your organic produce home in.

A camera – Honestly, this place is too pretty not to hashtag.


Photos: Greta Gramazio

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