Food & Wine

w i n e s d a y

It’s totally a thing right?

Thank God It’s Friday.

Sunday Funday.

I think Wednesday Winesday is a perfect way to break up the horror that is hump day for us nine-til-fiver folk.

Monday has rolled around and I’m back to work and reality. Throughout my lunch break, I’ve been furiously texting friends who I’ve caught up with over the weekend. We’ve started with the standard ‘Is it the weekend again yet?’ or the possibly melodramatic ‘I need a coffee the size of my head or I might DIE’. We’ve reminisced about how lovely that brunch date on Saturday morning was, planned how much we’re DEFINITELY going to ride our bikes more this summer or take up a new form of fitness like starting a roller-blading crew. We’ve discussed old friends we bumped into and new friends we made on Saturday night. We’ve sent each other the photos we took with our iPhones that we thought were hilarious-slash-sexy-slash-super artistic at the time…yet now in the harsh light of reality…maybe not so much. *Insert awkward face emoji*

Tuesday goes by.

By now I’ve settled into the working week. I’ve managed to clean my apartment. Do some exercise. Catch up on my TV shows and even put something in my fridge other than Chinatown leftovers and gin and tonic bound citrus fruit.

Enter Wednesday. Winesday.

I’m craving the conversation shared over a post-work glass of wine or three and a nibble on something delicious. It’ll start with some olives or cheese to accompany the wine. Probably progress to a couple of small dishes to share, enough to not need dinner when I get home.

It’s not a late night. It’s not a messy night. It’s the night that gets you through the week.

I have a few haunts that tick the boxes for me when it comes to the perfect Winesday. Being a local of the Southwest corner of the city, Cantina Sociale is generally my go-to. There’s a lot to love about this spot. Great wine from staff that know their stuff, a menu that is pretty remarkable considering the small space in which they have to prepare; and the popcorn. Can we just talk about that complimentary popcorn for a minute?! Flavoured gloriously with truffle oil and sea salt, in a perfect dream world of judgeless gluttony, you would find me happily bathing in a ball crawl style pit of that popcorn.

IMG_3400 2 IMG_3401 2

Cantina have recently launched their spring menu featuring tapas style club bangers such as Patatas Bravas with the best damn aioli I’ve ever had (big call) and Free Range Chorizo with Sautéed Mushrooms. There are also Spring Lamb Lollipops with Chimichurri and Pork Belly Baby Burgers (you know, what the pubs are calling sliders) just to name a few. These you can snack on, with the choice of a small or larger serving depending on the size of your group, accompanied by a glass of cracker wine purchased by the millilitre and straight out of a barrel.

IMG_3402 IMG_3403 2

There’s generally a mixed crowd of locals and after work crew and always a surprising amount of punters considering the low-key exterior and quiet location. Cantina Sociale is my number one, but there are a few other places that fit the bill for a great way to spend your Winesday.

udaberri (with a little ‘u’) is a favourite of mine on any of the 6 nights of the week they’re open, for very similar reasons as mentioned above. You could also grab a cheese board to accompany your vino from the likes of Clever Little Tailor, or Bank Street Social depending on your post-work location. If you’re inclined to head to the east end, Mother Vine or The Tasting Room at East End Cellars are also winners for your Winesday.

Whatever your choice may be, whether you’re eating cheese or tapas. Sitting inside or outside. Drinking red, white or bubbly. Winesday is a necessary addition to the weekly routine in which I’m a firm believer. I guarantee it’ll help keep you sane until you can ‘Throwback Thursday’, ‘Thank god it’s Friday’ or hashtag your ‘Sunday Funday’.

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