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OK, so I was pretty boozy the first time I went to Ancient World. A friend had told me about this magical underground wonderland of cheap beers and rad music, tucked down an alleyway behind Hindley Street. 

Ancient World 4 Ancient World 3

Through my drunken eyeballs I definitely thought I was walking through the back of Supermild at first, but soon after descending the steps into the bar, I stood corrected. I had a $5 tinnie in my hand, I was listening to experimental electronica and was doused in green lasers. I still have a dodgy video of the music from that night on my phone and memories of snapchatting the shit out of it to everyone on my list. 

Ancient World first opened as another Renew Adelaide start-up back in the 2014 festival season. Six months later the bar went independent. It regularly showcases music -both live and electronic – and have hosted events ranging from SALA exhibitions to mini music festivals to magazine launches.

There are some exciting things brewing at Ancient World over the next couple of weeks. The first is it’s involvement with National Science Week, the second being the installation of a new bar and the addition of tap beers. 

Owners Brad and Dave both come from a background working in science and for the second year now, they’ve applied for and been awarded a grant from the Federal Government to help bring science into the bar and to the punters – FOR FREE. Throughout this week they are involved in four different events. They will be hosting two guest speakers, have an excursion to a brewery and have a stage set up at Night Lab: The Hidden Science of Light at the South Australian Museum on Friday night. 

The first of the guest speakers is on Wednesday night, Dr Charlie Huveneers talking about Sharks, their behaviour and conservation; followed by Dr Charles Lineweaver who on Thursday night will be explaining in layman’s terms, stuff about astrobiology, cosmology and planetary science. Both speakers will also allow for heavy Q&A sessions in order for the audience to ask the big questions. 

Shark Space

See Facebook for event details:

 Sharks: Behaviour and Conservation

 Space Science, The Universe, and Are We Alone?

In between these two talks is the excursion to Big Shed Brewing Concern at Royal Park for The Science of Beer. Unfortunately, the bus is now full but for those lucky folk who were quick enough to jump on board, they will be picked up from Ancient World on Thursday afternoon to be taken on a tour of the craft brewery and have the science behind God’s nectar explained by the pro’s. 

Kol ShiselF-Yeah


Bringing the week to a close, Ancient World is part of a collaboration to bring an after dark experience of ‘science, culture and curiosity’ at the museum. 

Manager of Community Programmes at the South Australian Museum, Lara Torr says “Night Lab is all about inviting audiences to experience the Museum in a different way- quite literally in a different light. It’s a myth that museums are always quiet places for contemplation (as anyone who’s visited with a school group can attest) and Night Lab will really demonstrate that, by presenting fascinating, engaging science alongside interactive experiences and really interesting local music.”


Buy your tickets here.


So. There’s the science stuff. Let’s talk more about beer.

Within the next couple of weeks, Ancient World will be removing its existing bar and replacing it with a new one. Being built off site by Bryan Carmen, the new bar will not only be aesthetically pleasing but also more functional for the small space, alleviating the bottleneck situation that currently occurs when the bar is busy.

And the best bit? They’re installing 3 beer taps with it.

Big Shed Brewing Co. will be in constant occupation of two of these with the third to change. Ancient World have, from day one only supported and served local South Australian beer, wine and cider but it’s always from the bottle or can. The new taps will be a game changer.

Ancient World 2 Ancient World 1

If you like learning, drinking, listening and supporting Adelaidians doing cool stuff, make sure you get involved with Ancient World and Science Week. Next time you see me – be prepared for some serious shark, space and beer facts coming at you hard and fast whilst I’m nursing a pint. 

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