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F. S. S. L. S. C.

f i s s l e – l i s k ?

I’m a big fan of alliteration as well as a good acronym, so when I first saw ‘F.S.S.L.S.C’ pop up on the social medias, I was instantly intrigued.

This weekend Adelaide City Beach has been transformed into the Frome Street Surf Life Saving Club, a 4 night pop-up outdoor cinema hosting the Shorts Film Festival for 2014.

Now, before you read on. Chuck on some Bob Marley – Could You Be Loved and allow me to set the scene…

You arrive to the venue, the inside hidden from the general public and mysteriously shrouded in the red and yellow we associate with swimming between the flags. Walk the boardwalk entrance, pay your $20 and get ready to feel that sand between your toes.

zzz centre LEft Side

The first thing to blow you away is the size of the screen. While the films you are there to see may be small in stature, the screen you’ll view them on is anything but.

If you arrive before the sun goes down (which I highly recommend you do) there’s some time to kill. Best way to do that? Head to the bar. The legends from Alpha Box & Dice are running the show, so you know they’re going to bring the goods. Grab a Moritz tinnie or one of AB & D’s new Prosecco ‘Zaptung’ from a babe in a Hawaiian shirt.

Bar Zaptung Moritz

Before you settle in with your friends and your drinks, head over to Golden Gullet and grab yourself some ‘Fush n Chups’ with pea puree and a ‘sick tartare’. They also have your classic movie snacks like popcorn, icecream and chocolate by Steven ter Horst on offer.

Golden Gullet Chips Hannah and Max

When the sun starts setting the DJ finishes up, the screen alights and a cheeky MC advises you to sit down and relax. Recline in your sand dug out seating, cuddle up to your friends, and enjoy the show. Prepare to laugh, cry and be wowed by the cinematic short stories on the screen in front of you.

The event is already halfway through, two nights down and only two to go. So if you’re looking for something different to do with your Saturday evening, or somewhere to take your Tinder date tomorrow night – here’s your answer.

Golden Gullet 2 Nighttime Bathers


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